How did you learn photography?

Like many creators today, I’ve turned to YouTube and my peers to learn the photography basics. The fundamentals get mastered over time through real life trial and error.


Do you sell prints?

Yes! Every image on this site is for sale. As I do not have an official digital online store yet, please reach out to me via Instagram DM (@stonemik) or via email (michaelsilverstonephotography@gmail.com). For current prices, head to the ‘Shop’ section of my website!


What’s one mistake that you hope aspiring photographers can learn from?

External hard drives to store your images are not enough. Always back up content to the cloud, as well! It’s not a matter of if your external HD will crash, it’s a matter of when. The worst thing that I could have thought was “this isn’t going to happen to me.” It did…


Are you selling 2021 wall calendars?

Maybe! Due to current global circumstances, calendars are still up in the air. I’ll have a definite answer by Fall 2020. If I do sell them, they will once again be 8×10. The theme is a surprise and will be announced before the (intended) sale period begins!

What are your favorite train stations in NYC?

Prospect Park (BMT Line), Broadway (IND Crosstown Line), and Broad Channel (IND Rockaway Line)


What are some must-capture locations in or around NYC?

The NYC skyline from Weehawken, NJ or from Gantry Plaza, LIC, Queens.

Fall foliage in Minnewaska State Park.

Milky Way/starry sky at the Montauk Lighthouse.


Any current projects or endeavors?

I’m currently tackling street photography with my 85mm lens, and I’m also trying to master panning photography. Otherwise, I’m still capturing and collecting photos for my 2021 calendar.